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Neighbourhood Watch

First here are two incredibly useful webpages

This webpage is to report to our local police anything you may think useful - something suspicious or of concern but maybe no actual evidence of a crime.

To report a crime that has already taken place use this link if dialling "101" exhausts your patience

If the crime is actually taking place it's a "999" call

Check Out Our Shepton Activities, Resources, High Street Shops and Events Planner Below

smbtc support and encourage individuals to be part of any local neighbourhood watch organisation.  Attached is the leaflet for Shepton Mallet which anyone can download and print off.  (use settings "duplex", "landscape" and "short side staple left" to print correct way round).

The leaflet can also be used to display on your front door to discourage cold callers.

If you would like to be included on the SMNW mailing list use the contact form on this website or the email on the leaflet.

While your here check out our incredibly useful Annual Events forward planner - if only to ensure you don't have to travel during Glastonbury Fesival, arrange a meeting on Carnival NIght or a holiday when its the Collett Park Festival.

Finally there's our complete SMARCCES summary - a single listing of Shepton Mallet Events, Resources, Clubs, Community Events and Sports.  Anything missing just contact us at

Date of Next Meeting Thursday 7th 2020 7:00 pm

Shepton Mallet Fire Station