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Shepton Mallet Community Allotments
are now run as an independent activity separate from Shepton Mallet Bowls and Shepton Mallet Tennis with its own financing though making a contribution to site costs and Clubhouse maintenance.  It just about breaks even every year.

Main Allotments
There are about 40 main plots classed as small, standard and large. 
Small plots are around 15 feet by 30 feet or in traditional measure up to 2 rods² and the rent is £20 per year. 
Standard plots are around 15 feet by 40 feet or in traditional measure up to 3 rods² and the rent is £30 per year.
Large plots are around 20 feet by 50 feet or in traditional measure up to 4 rods² and the rent is £40 per year.
Plots over 4 rods² are classed as family and the rent is £50 per year 

Where an existing shed is already on the allotment, or available, a £5/year contribution is invited.
These rents are for plots let after 28th Feb 2022. 
A rod² is 16½ x 16½ feet or 272¼ feet². 40 rods² make ¼ acre - so now you know! 
The whole site continues to be upgraded.  The top end of the allotments is being transformed into a nature garden as 50 years of accumulated rubbish is cleared.

are available for newcomers to allotmenting.  They can be let in sets of two, three or four maximum.  Miniplots come in three sizes, small around 10 feet² for £4 / year, standard around 16 feet² for £6/year and large around 26 feet² for £8/year. The miniplots also have a communal shed and a dedicated water supply.
While there is no specific time limit, it is the expectation that when sufficiently confident individuals are given priority when a full allotment becomes available.

Both allotments and miniplots have dedicated water troughs, and butts are only used where fed from rainwater retrieval systems.  Ample car parking is available on site.  New disabled toilets have been constructed together with gender specific toilets and are fully accesible to allotment holders.  The Clubhouse has been extensively refurbished with licensed bar and wheelchair access.

Allotment and miniplot holders become Associate Members of the Shepton Mallet Community Group with full voting rights.  Membership of the Bowls or Tennis Clubs attracts a separate fee. Email for details.

Running an Allotment
requires a considerable investment in time and resources.  If for any reason it is not possible to give this commitment please get in touch to discuss in detail.  If the situation is short term there can be some flexibility.  GIven there is a waiting list though it may be necessary to reallocate the allotment and offer a new one at a later date when the commitment can be made again.  There is a specific policy document covering this.  Please read the cultivation policy before undertaking an allotment as proactive management can be stressful for all.

We are tasked to deliver high standards while maintaining an economic licence fee. All allotments must be let to cover overheads.   Would you be interested in joining the Allotment committee and supporting proactive management? 

Stroll up the path from Paul Street to Collett Park and check us out. If interested
1) email us at  with the title "Allotment" giving your name and contact mobile number if available.
2) send a text to 07710 296708 titled "Allotment Enquiry".
3) write to us direct at Shepton Mallet Community Allotments, 3 Frithfield Walk, Shepton Mallet BA4 5LY.
There is a waiting list but it's always worth registering.