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The Club has a distinguished past and a very exciting future.  It has been transformed to meet the demands of the 21st Century while maintaining that essential feel of a traditional Club.  During covid-19 lockdown the Club took the initiative to embark on a major redevelopment of its facilities including the construction of disabled toilets and wheelchair access to the Clubhouse. 

The Clubhouse interior has been completely stripped, two partition walls removed, a new door installed to a storage area, recarpeted and new furniture - tables and chairs - purchased to create a spacious but more efficient layout seating 56 people or more comfortably - 4 tables of 8 and 4 tables of 6. 

The facilities will shortly have wifi, blutooth speaker and flat screen installations.

We have also resourced a high quality marquee which can be pitched throughout the summer season.  This is to ensure we can maintain as much social distancing as members are comfortable with and may be required by the government at any time. We are also completely refurbishing the changing rooms and installing modern led lighting.

All these facilities will be made available to the community at very fair rents.

All this has been funded through the Club's own resources including significant gifts from members, generous grants from Sport England made available through the pandemic and Section106 funding from Mendip District Council.  Full details are posted in the Communications/Financial tab.

Types of Membership

Bowls and Tennis members are termed "Playing Members". These sections are collectively registered as a Community Amateur Sports Club similar to charitable status. 

Allotment holders are termed "Associate Members" and have fulll voting rights - except on a purely sporting matter - with access to Club facilities including toilets and Clubhouse.

Social Members
have access to Club facilities without directly participating in bowls or tennis or holding an allotment licence.

Participating Members
are individuals who contribute significantly to the life of the whole Club including administrative tasks without actually being directly involved in the bowls, tennis or allotments.  The membership fee is the same a social member.

Life Members
are elected at the AGM on recommendation of the Club Officers after having given considerable service to the Club over many years.

Honorary Members
are elected at the AGM on recommendation of the Club Officers where judged appropriate.

The Club is committed to providing affordable, inclusive and accessible activities recently demonstrated through its refurbishment in 2020/21.  Membership is open to all on application regardless of gender, age, disablility, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs. Membership may be limited according to available facilities on a non-discriminatory basis.  Although an urban site the Club is easily accessible with a central carpark at the heart of our facilities.

See separate tabs for further information about bowls, tennis or allotments.

Club Officers

There can be up to five Club Officers as prescribed by the Constitution who among themselves allocate out the positions of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.  The Officers take responsibilty for other activities that may be required from time to time.  The latest details will be given in the Communications/Club Notices tab.

Our postal address is
3 Frithfield Walk
Shepton Mallet

or email the Club Secretary at 

A membership form is available below.


I thought you were ordering the chairs, Steph. I thought you were ordering the chairs, Steph.
The flag flies at half mast in honour of the Duke of Edinburgh The flag flies at half mast in honour of the Duke of Edinburgh